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“Do the Little Things”: Lessons from Big Papi

This week, our beloved Boston Red Sox won their third World Series championship in a decade, and their first at Fenway Park since 1918. Leading the charge was veteran slugger David Ortiz — a/k/a Big Papi.

Papi owns his game. He strides to the plate like Godzilla. He stares down every pitcher with a fierce confidence that comes from knowing that odds are, he can hit anything thrown his way. So what if he struck out his last time at bat? Minutes later he was back on the field, celebrating with younger players he’s inspired. Papi’s message: Don’t give up. Give it your best. Believe, no matter what.

One quote from Papi in really hit home:

“We have a lot of players with heart,” Ortiz said. “We probably don’t have the talent we had in ’07 and ’04, but we have guys that are capable, stay focused, and do the little things. And when you win with that, it’s special.”

That got me thinking about being a freelance writer in a big, competitive market such as Boston.

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